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$36,000! That's the value in access to our hiring technology we're giving away to Alpha lab's 2017 Demo Day class. We are giving them one full year of unlimited hiring per company!

Eric Harvey

Founder & CEO of Imagine Careers

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Arin Technologies

Maintain an active candidate pipeline by establishing your hiring brand.
Build a candidate pipeline.

Stop scanning resumes

Cut down on recruiting hours

Say goodbye to staffing fees

Match to candidates who fit your company, culture, and hiring needs. Talk to more people that fit.

Recruiting doesn't have to be expensive, spend less and invest in a long-term talent strategy.

How can Imagine Careers simplify your hiring?


For companies with under 200 employees

(with an annual subscription)

  • Unlimited talent discovery searches
  • Unlimited engagements
  • Upload unlimited jobs 
  • 23 spots left
  • Regularly $399/month

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